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LightHouse was set up to SUPPORT ORGANISATIONS that are looking for intelligent lighting and Smart City solutions. We do this by making the knowledge and experience of the research programmes of the TU/e strategic areas, the Intelligent Lighting Institute, Data Science Centre Eindhoven and Smart Cities Programme available to society. Click on any of the images below to find out more about SPECIFIC projects:
Our Newest Project
A metholodology to handle complex innovation challenges in a cooperating ecosystem.
System architecture and data platform for a fair, inclusive and democratic solution for sharing energy.
Development of a Pathways Tool that aims to enable cities to create pathways to achieve the strategic ambition and vision regarding urban mobility, to identify solutions and to plan for implementation.
Developing the programmatic vision for District E - a new city district in the heart of the Brainport Region - to complement the design of the buildings.
The City of Helmond is going to build its own infrastructure to facilitate digital services in Helmond's public space. The municipality sees the fibre-optic infrastructure as a utility, in order to realise secure, reliable and fast connections.
The Municipality of Eindhoven and the Heijmans & Signify consortium have jointly decided to terminate the contract for the 'Jouw Light Op 040' project prematurely.
The Interreg project SMART-SPACE aims for reducing CO2 emission through the uptake of smart lighting in small and medium sized cities. Therefore, SMART-SPACE brings together end-users (municipalities and citizens) and key innovation stakeholders (research institutes, SMEs, enterprises and associations) from NL, BE, FR and IE to jointly develop, implement and evaluate an interoperable smart lighting platform.
EU-funded project aiming at improving climatic resilience through nature-based solutions. LightHouse supports five European cities in co-creating visions & roadmaps for climatic resilience, investigating the co-benefits of nature-based solutions to address multiple challenges.<
The Netherlands firmly believes in the potential benefits for significant change in road mobility with the introduction of cooperative ITS systems. Innovations in this field should allow us to improve traffic flows on our roads in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental impact, and can be an important boost to Europe's competitive strength, jobs opportunities and growth.
Jouw licht op 040
Supporting the Philips/Heijmans consortium with the implementation of the 'vision and roadmap urban lighting Eindhoven 2030' through independent research into the needs of citizens in five Living Labs and into the impact of the innovative lighting solutions realised in the different Living Labs.
Open Innovation 2.0
Publishing a yearly series of articles on the application of Open Innovation 2.0 in the context of co creating smart lighting and smart city solutions.
Reference Model for Smart Urban Lighting
Supporting municipalities in taking full advantage of smart urban lighting solutions by improving internal and collaborative processes through self-assessments and peer reviews by other municipalities.
Developing a shared roadmap for research in the domains of Smart Cities and Smart Societies at TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology) in collaboration with the stakeholder network, including the cooperation with Brainport, the municipality of Eindhoven and Fraunhofer Morgenstadt.
EU-funded project to enhance the capacity of municipalities to plan and implement sustainable energy policies. LightHouse facilitates eight European cities in the development of shared visions and roadmaps in co-creation with local stakeholders.
Co-creation with Amvest for the submission of the District E proposal for redevelopment of the Stationsplein Zuid area in Eindhoven. The insights and starting points of the various roadmaps for Eindhoven and the region have been translated into solutions for buildings and their functions, and for public space.
Developing a vision for healthy urbanisation in collaboration with the cities of 's-Hertogenbosch, Breda, Tilburg, Eindhoven and Helmond, as well as their regional stakeholders and the province of North Brabant.
Smart Lighting Hoekenrodeplein Amsterdam
Testing intelligent lighting solutions to increase the feeling of well-being and safety, as well as sustainability performance, with the aim of creating value for multiple stakeholders.
S-mart Strijp-S
Developing an ecosystem for Smart City applications for sustainable energy, mobility and entertainment in collaboration with the creative industry in Strijp-S, Eindhoven.
Vision & Roadmap TU/e Valorisation
Developing a vision and roadmap to create ecosystems for sustainable cooperation with industry, governments, start-ups and spin-offs.
TU/e RESEARCH ROADMAP 'Human Vitality and Technology'
Developing a shared roadmap for research in the domain of technology for human vitality at TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology) in collaboration with the stakeholder network.
TU/e Living Labs
Developing a vision for the future of Living Labs at TU/e to support research in the university’s strategic areas, as well as to enhance collaboration with companies and other stakeholders in the Brainport region.
Implementation roadmap Eindhoven 2030
Implementing the vision and roadmap for urban lighting in the city of Eindhoven through the preparation of a first tender to develop and innovate the Smart Lighting Grid.
EU-funded project aimed at Pre-Commercial Procurement for Smart Public Lighting. LightHouse has investigated the needs in the pilot areas in four European cities, as well as the shared opportunities to enhance the societal value in urban settings through innovative lighting solutions.
Vision & roadmap Eindhoven Energy Neutral 2045
Developing a vision and roadmap for Eindhoven to achieve its ambition to become energy neutral by 2045, with the focus on the built environment, in collaboration with the municipality and Woonbedrijf (housing association).
Lighting vision Dutch railways
Developing a vision on lighting for ProRail, NS (Dutch Railways) and Bureau Spoorbouwmeester (Railway Design and Advisory Office), together with THE LUX LAB.
Creating value with urban lighting in Oisterwijk
Involvement of citizens, centre management, property owners, shopkeepers, restaurants and pubs in the development of a lighting plan to enhance the quality of life in this rural town.
E3 SLIM knowledge sharing
Sharing knowledge, experiences and insights on Smart Lighting Metropolitan areas (SLIM) with the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, the companies Philips, Cisco and Alliander, and the experts at the TU/e Intelligent Lighting Institute.
Vision & roadmap urban lighting Eindhoven 2030
Defining a vision and roadmap for the city of Eindhoven to address the challenges of Smart Urban Lighting in the short and longer term.
Learning in Eindhoven 2030
Developing a vision and roadmap for the city of Eindhoven on the future of learning.
Zilverackers - stakeholder acceptance testing
Testing the acceptance of a lighting solution designed by THE LUX LAB for an ecological zone with various stakeholders and the municipality of Veldhoven.
Light Poppers Stratumseind
Exploring the effects of lighting on mood and stress levels with lighting designs by THE LUX LAB.
Licht over de Dommel
A Social Urban Space lighting design project in collaboration with [ZOO] productions. In this project, 24 designers and architects designed contemporary lighting for a bridge across the river Dommel in Eindhoven.

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