Vision & Roadmap Eindhoven Energy-neutral 2045
Developing a vision and roadmap for Eindhoven to achieve its ambition to become energy neutral in 2045, with a focus on the built environment.
Eindhoven has set itself the goal of being 'energy-neutral' by 2045. To achieve this target a number of themes have been defined in the documents that were created for the conference in Februari 2013.

Ensuring that this goal is actually achieved in practice will require cooperation between government, business and industry, research institutes and the citizens of Eindhoven. A series of short-term activities with a long-term focus will have to be defined. To make the goal achievable, Eindhoven will need a shared vision and roadmap.

LightHouse has experience in developing similar roadmaps for urban lighting and the future of education. Because of the interrelationships between these roadmaps, LightHouse has been asked to support the process of the creation of a vision and roadmap for Eindhoven Energy-neutral in 2045. In the project the focus is put on energy in the built environment. Other energy related topics such as mobility or industry, will be dealt with later.
Final Report
(in English)
The final report of the vision and roadmap energy in the built environment is available in PDF format:
  20140613 Vision Roadmap Ehv Energy Neutral Built Environment.pdf

A printed, hardcover version of the report can be order through:

The poster (size A0) with the visualisation of the desired future scenario is available as PDF (5,2MB):
  Poster Desired Scenario Ehv Energy 2045.pdf

The poster (size A0) of the roadmap is also available as PDF (573KB):
  Roadmap Ehv Energy Built Environment 2045 A0.pdf
(in Nederlands)
Het eindrapport is beschikbaar in PDF formaat:
  20140418 Visie Roadmap Ehv Energieneutraal Gebouwde Omgeving.pdf

Eventueel is een gedrukte/gebonden versie van dit eindverslag te bestellen via:

De poster (A0 formaat) met de visualisatie van het gewenste scenario is beschikbaar als PDF (5,2MB):
  Poster Gewenst Scenario Ehv Energie 2045.pdf

De poster (A0 formaat) met de roadmap is beschikbaar als PDF (573KB):
  Roadmap Energie Gebouwde Omgeving 2045 A0.pdf
Further development
In 2015 a more indepth study is done in the required infrastructure in Eindhoven to become energy neutral by 2045. This resulted in a report to describe the options for the specific context of Eindhoven. These options will be considered in practical implementation projects in the different areas of Eindhoven.

Het rapport met de verschillende opties voor Eindhoven is beschikbaar als PDF (Dutch only):
  20150527 Rapport roadmap energieinfra - final.pdf
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