LightHouse was founded in 2012 by Elke den Ouden and Rianne Valkenburg. Their DRIVE stems from their shared CURIOSITY about the opportunities for city development with new technology, and their SURPRISE at the difficulty of practically implementing (scientific) knowledge.
Their AMBITION is to help clients navigate to the relevant knowledge of TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology). They do this by executing KNOWLEDGE-INTENSIVE PROJECTS, starting from the needs of and questions from society and organisations.

With in-depth background knowledge and expertise in innovation, practical business and (applied) science, LightHouse's value producers can BUILD BRIDGES, CONNECT PEOPLE AND MAKE KNOWLEDGE WORK. The LightHouse team builds on the NETWORK OF EXPERTS in Smart Lighting and Smart City Solutions, and involves these where relevant in the projects and activities.
Eindhoven University of Technology
LightHouse / expertise in smart lighting & smart city solutions
TU/e Innovation Lab
Building Atlas - 6th floor north
Groene Loper 3
5612 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands
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Elke den Ouden and/or Rianne Valkenburg
TU/e LightHouse
Building Atlas - 6th floor north
P.O. Box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands

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Elke den Ouden is founder and strategic director of LightHouse. She gained her Master's degree in Industrial Design Engineering in 1990 and subsequently joined Philips, where she has held a number of positions as advisor and manager in the field of product innovation for more than 20 years. In 2008 she was appointed as part-time professor in the Department of Industrial Design at TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology). In 2014 she was appointed as TU/e Fellow, with the mission of further developing strategic relationships between the university and public and private organisations. Elke works with the Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing group in the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences. She combines her extensive experience in industry with her research in designing (added) value and developing new business through innovation in ecosystems. She has been involved in the TU/e Intelligent Lighting Institute from its early days, and is responsible for the strategy on Living Light Labs. She is also involved in the Smart Cities research programme at Data Science Centre Eindhoven, and is strategic advisor to the Smart Cities Programme.

Elke has a pragmatic approach towards the development and implementation of new tools and approaches. She is author of the book 'Innovation Design – Creating Value for People, Organisations and Society', published by Springer Science & Business Media in 2012. She is frequently invited as guest speaker at meetings, conferences and internal innovation events in companies
"The pace at which new technologies become available and affordable provides great opportunities to improve the quality of life in cities, but only if we do it right. My contribution is to help people achieve a vision of a desired future by taking practical steps and decisions already today in their jobs in municipalities and companies." Rianne Valkenburg

Rianne Valkenburg is founder and value producer of LightHouse. Rianne gained her Master's degree and PhD in Industrial Design Engineering, and since then has worked in innovation, always at the interface between (scientific and applied) research and business practice. Over the years her scientific career has involved positions as Professor of Designerly Innovation at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (2008 - 2017), Professor of Human Technology at Hanze University of Applied Sciences (2003 - 2007) and Assistant Professor of Innovation at Delft University of Technology (1993 - 2003).
Her practical career has involved different strategic advisory projects in her own company and as programme director for Design Initiatief (2008 - 2011), where she brought together entrepreneurs, designers and specialists to innovate together on breakthrough business solutions for the future. Through this work, Rianne has many years of experience in initiating and facilitating (open) innovation projects and networks. She is able to create transparency and structure in complex situations such as innovation, value creation and business development.
In 2019 she was appointed as Fellow at TU/e (part time) in the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences with the Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing group. The aim of the fellowship is to initiate, develop and facilitate cooperation between TU/e researchers and strategic partners.

Rianne practices a design-driven innovation approach, which has been designed and tested in years of experience, both as advisor and as professor. Through this combination she is familiar with new (scientific) insights in the field of innovation, and is able to translate them into practical tools and approaches that make sense in (commercial) organisations.
"My main challenge is to help people look beyond the horizon, seek new opportunities and aspire to a better future. For people, for teams, for organisations and for society at large, I aim to make innovation and creativity look easy by building a step-by-step approach and by coaching people along the way."

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