LightHouse provides EXPERTISE IN SMART LIGHTING AND SMART CITY SOLUTIONS based on the knowledge of TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology). LightHouse has CLOSE TIES WITH THE RESEARCH PROGRAMMES AND CENTRES, including the Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI), the Data Science Centre Eindhoven (DSCe) and the Smart City Programme (SCPe). LightHouse executes knowledge intensive projects starting from NEEDS AND QUESTIONS FROM SOCIETY AND ORGANISATIONS as part of the knowledge transfer activities of TU/e Innovation Lab, where it is also based..

LightHouse APPLIES THE KNOWLEDGE, METHODS AND DESIGNS of the different departments of the university in practical applications and viable, sustainable lighting and smart city solutions. We co-create solutions together with cities, as well as with multinationals, SMEs and start ups. In this work WE INTEGRATE THE KNOWLEDGE OF TU/e, THE COMPETENCES OF STUDENTS AND THE PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE OF THE PROJECT PRODUCERS. This enables the research, design and advice requests to be answered PROMPTLY, RESPONDING TO THE SPEED REQUIRED by clients. The LightHouse value producers oversee the whole process of understanding the relevant issue, (re-)framing the question, generating a vision, designing scenarios for solutions, building realistic roadmaps and business models, involving stakeholders and facilitating dialogue, preserving the integrity of the solution during the realisation phase, and communicating the results.

LightHouse is a non-profit organisation, and only charges reimbursement of costs that are not yet covered from other sources.

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