E3 SLIM knowledge sharing
Sharing knowledge and experience on Smart Lighting In Metropolitan areas (SLIM) with the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Philips, Cisco, Alliander and TU/e Lighting Institute.
Eindhoven, Rotterdam en Amsterdam will develop intelligent lighting solutions for public space in collaboration with the TU/e Intelligent Lighting Institute, Philips, Cisco and Alliander. The parties signed the convenant Smart Lights in Metropolitan Areas (SLIM). The three cities are currently running pilots with intelligent lighting in public areas. The agreement is signed by the aldemen Monique List (Eindhoven), Carolien Gehrels (Amsterdam) en Alexandra van Huffelen (Rotterdam). For the other parties the convenant was signed by Jo van Ham (TU/e), Floriaan Tasche (Philips), Joost Hermans (Cisco Nederland) en Pallas Agterberg (Alliander).

The use of intelligent lighting in public areas can increase the attractiveness and safety or to reduce the energy consumption. Part of the project will be several pilots that will run in the three cities. Currently pilots are running in Stratumseind in Eindhoven, the port area in Rotterdam and the Amsterdam ArenA Area.
E3 collaboration
The three cities represent the three most important economical areas in the Netherlands. In 2011 the three cities decided to increase the intensity in collaboration to strenghten the economy and international competitiveness of the industry through the procurement of innovative solutions. For this purpose the E3 SLIM project organised eight workshops for various subjects related to:
  • Knowledge exchange on the application of intelligent lighting solutions
  • Learning and innovating on developments in technology and society
  • Creating a total value case for sustainable intelligent public lighting (integrating economical-, social-, and environmental value)
Radio interview
During the Hannover Messe in April 2014 the E3 SLIM project was presented. A short radio interview with Monique List (Vice Mayor of the city of Eindhoven) and Elke den Ouden (TU/e Intelligent Lighting Institute was captured on BNR Newsradio, please click here to listen.
Research report
The results of the knowledge sharing sessions have been captured in a research report which is publicly available (in Dutch only).

A PDF of the report can be downloaded (4,7MB):
  20140224 E3 SLIM Eindrapportage.pdf
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