Vision & Roadmap TU/e Valorisation
Development of a vision and roadmap for the development of a collaborative ecosystem for university, industry, government and start-ups.
Today's world demands an adaptive university that seeks and cultivates cooperation with industry and government organisations. In addition to the operation of education and research, the TU/e warmly embraces innovation. The TU/e aims for effectively translating scientific discoveries and technological solutions that contribute to the market and society. The role of the TU/e in society and in partnerships is changing. Valorisation is the key here. Therefore, there is a need for a vision and roadmap for valorisation face these changes.
Visie en Roadmap
LightHouse conducted a research project to explore the future of Valorisation. For this purpose, interviews and workshops are held to gain deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities for TU/e and valorisation in the future.

In 2025, the TU/e wants to be the engine for creating and connecting ecosystems, in which together with partners - companies, government, students and spinoffs - innovation will be accelerated and social challenges addressed. The roadmap TU/e valorisation enables a focus in activities and preferred partners. The ultimate goal for TU/e is to create societal impact by focussing on strategic themes, that combine complementary expertise through the entire organisation to spur innovation through cross-disciplinary cooperation. To realise this in the end, valorisation activities will focus on strategic partnering, encouraging and facilitating entrepreneurship and the creation of financial leeway. Valorisation makes TU/e a hub in the world, for this will lead to accessible knowledge and talented people, making Brainport a vibrant economy and prosperous society.

The result is captured in a publication that describes the ambition and research roadmap for TU/e Valorisation.
The research report ‘Visie en Roadmap TU/e Valorisatie (in Dutch) is available in PDF format:
  20170331 Visie en Roadmap TUe Valorisatie.pdf

A printed, hardcover version of the report can be ordered through:

The poster with the visualisation of the vision is available as PDF (1,5MB):
  20170331 Visie TUe Valorisatie 2025.pdf

The poster with the roadmap is also available as PDF (0,5MB)
  20161216 Roadmap TUe Valorisatie 2025.pdf

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