Quadruple Helix Innovationprocess: an Evaluation
The Municipality of Eindhoven and the Heijmans & Signify consortium have jointly decided to terminate the contract for the 'Jouw Light Op 040' project prematurely.
There are various reasons for terminating the contract. The partners want a thorough evaluation and have asked TU/e, as an independent party, to carry out the evaluation.

The aim of this evaluation is twofolded. On the one hand, the partners want to be able to understand what the underlying reasons are and how they may differ between the organisations. On the other hand, they want to be able to continue working together in the future to realise the existing vision. In order to achieve these objectives, the TU/e researchers have identified various themes and 'lessons learned' by means of a graduated analysis of 22 individual interviews with people from the various organisations.
The English and Dutch version of the evaluation report are available for download.
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