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The City of Helmond is going to build its own infrastructure to facilitate digital services in Helmond's public space.
The municipality sees the fibre-optic infrastructure as a utility, in order to realise secure, reliable and fast connections. LightHouse applies a need-driven approach to identify relevant wishes, needs and meaningful opportunities for smart digital services in public space.

Helmond actively supports the use of information technology as a means to manage and govern the city. This applies to the municipal services as well as public services, such as libraries, health care, logistics or public utilities. The aim is to increase the quality of life for citizens through efficient organisation and bridging the gap between governance and citizens.

The City of Helmond is going to build a fast, city wide general infrastructure in the coming 3 years. The municipality sees the fibre-optic infrastructure as a utility, in order to realise secure, reliable and fast connections. Through the realisation of an Urban Data platform, including secure and safe data management, services as education, health care and logistics will be made future proof. The general digital infrastructure facilitates the development and implementation of new digital services in Helmond's public space.

In cooperation with Intemo, TU/e LightHouse advises the municipality and applied a co-operative approach in de neighbourhood Warande. The project seeks to find an answer to how can we create an even better and safer living environment with the help of Helmond's fibre-optic network.
Identify needs and opportunities for services on the digital service platform
In phase 1, the opportunities for digital services in Warande were investigated together with residents and entrepreneurs in the neighborhood and with various disciplines from the municipality. In this research 9 opportunities have been identified.
Development of use cases
Co-creating a palette of possible digital services through it developing relevant use cases
Use cases were developed for 3 opportunities in phase 2 with stakeholders from within and outside the municipality. Use cases are rich scenarios of what such a service could look like.
The 3 elaborated use cases are: Green Management, Safe Traffic and Energy Match.
These are discussed again with residents and other stakeholders in the neighborhood, to validate and enrich.

Realization and exploitation
Implementation of the services and evaluation with stakeholders in the neighbourhood
The 3 services will be further designed (technically) and implemented. A participative approach with local stakeholders is designed to engage citizens from the neightbourhood in the further specification and evaluation of the service and the data management that is involved.

The use case EnergyMatch has already been further designed as a separate study at the request of by the programme Social Responsible Innovation Energy of the Topsector Energy, commissioned by RVO. For more information on this study, please visit EnergyMatch.

More information will follow soon.
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