Lighting vision Dutch railway
Developing a vision for the Dutch railway on behalf of ProRail, NS and Bureau Spoorbouwmeester.
Together with THE LUX LAB LightHouse has developed a vision for lighting the railway stations in the Netherlands. The lighting vision describes which role lighting will play in the railway stations of the future and how stations will be lit. Until now, lighting was many a technical means to achieve safety. In the future lighting will also serve the people on the stations to spend their time as pleasant as possible. Lichting will be explicitly used to create an atmosphere and connection with the environment, still with safety as a prerequisite. Lighting will be designed from an integral vision on the railway stations.

To achieve a well-founded and complete vision, a number of steps have been done. Two studies were done to determine the future of lighting:
  • First of all the new developments and possibilities of lighting have been researched, based on how cities approach the future of urban public lighting.
  • Secondly, in a 'Future Telling' project, experts have been interviewed to establish the drivers for change that will determine the future of lighting on railway stations.
The results of the research have been shared in a participative workshop to establish the mutual ambition and goals of NS, ProRail and Bureau Spoorbouwmeester. These ambitions and goals are the starting point of this lighting vision. The core of the vision is that we will move from a technical to an integral solution. In the future, lighting scenes will vary throughout the day and night to accomodate the different needs of the different users. Central in this vision is the experience of the stations by the travellers. The lighting adapts to the needs of the travellers, like breathing automatically adapts to the activities of a human being. Daylight provides an optimal quality and experience, but when it is not available a suitable alternative will be provided. This enable to fulfil the needs of the travellers with the lowest possible energy consumption. Dynamic lighting means that we can accomodate the rising expectations of todays and future travellers by connecting to the needs of people.
The report of the lighting vision will be used for further vision development and implementation.
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