TU/e Ambition & Research Roadmap 'Human Vitality and Technology'
Development of a shared ambition and research roadmap for 'Human Vitality and Technology'.
Increasing people's vitality is considered as a very important goal to achieve a high quality of life. Howeveer, individual choices and lifestyles do not always support this goal. Programmes have been initiated at a number of levels - regional, national and European - to improve health and well-being. Physical activity and sports are considered important elements to achieve healthy lifestyles and increase vitality.
People, Sport & Vitality
TU/e is already involved in various initiatives, such as 'People, Sport & Vitality' and is collaborating with a number of players in the field, including: the Sports & Technology cluster and the related Sport Field Labs, PSV, the city of Eindhoven, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg University, Utrecht University (e.g. in Healthy Urban Living) and Leiden University. The increased attention for vitality of people is considered as an opportunity to strengthen the research programme, collaboration in the ecosystem and embedding of the activities in national and international programmes, and raises the question of the scope and focus of vitality as a research topic.

TU/e primary contribution in this field is 'technology and vitality' - were sensor and data science technology are applied in solutions with a human focus (such as in the 'Mine your own body' research programme). TU/e has the ambition to play an explicit, prominent role in the area of technology and vitality. It recognise the connection to both the domain of health & well-being and sports & physical activity. A strong position in this domain will strengthen its core activities: in education, research and knowledge valorisation, but it will also enable a helathy and attractive working environment for employees and students.

The roadmap enables a focus on a limited number of strategic ambitions, building on the strengths and competences of TU/e research groups and bundling them in a powerful collaboration network with partners in the Brainport region and at national and international levels.

The result is captured in a publication that describes the ambition and research roadmap for 'Human Vitality and Technology'.
The research report ‘Human Vitality and Technology’ is available in PDF format:
  20170315 TUe Research Roadmap Human Vitality and Technology.pdf

A printed, hardcover version of the report can be order through:

The poster (size A0) with the visualisation of the vision is available as PDF (1MB):
  20170117 Roadmap TUe Technology and vitality of people 2030.pdf

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