Smart Lighting Hoekenrodeplein Amsterdam
Testing the impact of smart lighting solutions on Hoekenrodeplein Amsterdam.
Amsterdam Smart Light is running a pilot project to understand the value of smart lighting solutions for public spaces in the city. The pilot is part of the E3 SLIM project and is a collaboration between the city of Amsterdam, Philip Lighting, Cisco, A2 Networks, KPN, Alliander and the Intelligent Lighting Institute.

The lighting system has been installed on Hoekenrodeplein in the summer of 2014. Currently the partners are working on the implementation of the adaptive part of the system. This will make it possible to create different atmospheres at the square, suitable for the different uses of the square (commuting to the train station, leisure evenings, and special event evenings). The implementation of the adaptive lighting solution is expected in the spring of 2016.
LightHouse made a plan to test the impact of the solution on the perception of hospitality and safety and the impact on sustainability. The plan consists of using the intelligence of the system to objectively analyse which lighting scenarios do attract more people and make them stay longer - signs that they increase hospitality. Next to system data, the plan involves interviews with visitors of the square to assess the appreciation for the solution by different stakeholders.
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